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As a title, "LJ the Artist" is straightforward in it's understanding: a woman and her version of external expression.

As an artist, LJ wants to inspire people, to exceed their design dreams, and to see their face light up when they see their completed design. She is an activator for social change and wants to pave the way to new thoughts and belief structures with the power of visual art.

Through the years, LJ has gone through a variety of stages with her art: from realistic portraiture with colored pencil, to black and white charcoal, to acrylic on canvas and, finally, tattooing and digital art. Overall her preference lies in bright, colorful pieces that are thought-provoking or elicit grandiose feelings. One of her new favorite mediums is digital art.

Through much trial and error, LJ the Artist finally has a website to showcase her portfolios, a loyal client-base, and a variety of experience in artistic creation. If you wish to support a growing visionary then you've come to the right doorstep. Welcome, and thank you!




my name is LJ.

I grew up in Montana, just on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountain divide. My parents raised chickens, pigs, and . . . when I was older . . . Alpine Oberhasli pack goats. My neighbors had horses that we would ride in exchange for shoveling dung. In the winters we would cross country ski and in the summers we'd pack four dogs, two goats, and four humans into my dad's old Ford and escape up to the high mountains.

At 18yo my appreciation for nature, thanks to my parents, would be the catalyst for my northbound departure to Canada to study Environmental Science. Like most kids my age, I really wanted to play my part in saving the world. In 2018, I left academia with a changed perspective and understanding of the global issues at hand.

Today, I am determined to cultivate connection to self, truth, community and nature. I want to utilize my artistic skills to serve a purpose, to effect change. I want to fulfill my role in rebuilding the natural world, like the ones I experienced as a kid. I'm not entirely sure what my purpose here is yet but I know it involves inspiration, people like you, and lots of art!

my sweet girl,

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