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Book a Tattoo!

  1.                      a short explanation of your desired design.

  2. Book and complete a free phone consultation to determine if we're a good fit.

  3. Submit your deposit to initiate the design process. This can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks.

  4. Make alterations on the design until we are both happy.

  5. Book a tattoo appointment!

LJ as a tattoo artist

  • As my client, your design preference is my priority

  • We aren't in a rush to put something permanent on your body until you truly love it.

  • Whether you're a veteran or virgin tattoo-ee, let's make your experience a great one.

  • Communication and transparency is key to making a great tattoo.

(currently all of my bookings and communications are over email or PM on instagram)


Alex T.

"I could not be happier with my new tattoo. In addition to being an amazing artist LJ is also an inspiring person to chat with for hours. She’s professional, fast and empathic."

Ryne W.

"Absolutely awesome tattoo artist! LJ isn't happy until you are with the design and her work is incredible, very professional and easy to work with!"

Mimi B.

"I absolutely love the tattoo LJ made for me. The whole experience, from the design to the day of the tattoo, was amazing. I’m already thinking in the next one!"

José M.

"After one design that we changed (great communication skills and super understanding) the first design she threw to me made me fall in love. More than I expected. Solid and very light tattoo hand that I didn't felt (lol I did) for three hours session."
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